About us

About Us

At Lamasso, we go beyond providing legal services offer a comprehensive solution that blends professionalism with care. Our integrated team of lawyers and experts works around the clock to deliver superior protection and precise care for our clients. Join us to experience trust and security in the realm of legal services.

Mustafa Alshareefi

Mustafa Alshareefi serves as the Managing Partner and Attorney at Lamassu,Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Iraq and a Master’s degree from the United States, he brings extensive legal expertise to our team. His strategic leadership and attention to detail position him as a key figure, contributing to the success and excellence of Lamasso.

Dr. Alkarrar Ebraheem

An attorney, researcher, and OD journal reviewer. CTU graduate Doctor of Management. Iraq Bar Association member. State Bar of California U.S registrant.

Fatima Mustafa

Director of the Public Relations and Local and International Media Department at Lamasso.

Ali Hilal Sannad

Attorney Ali Hilal Sannad, Partner and Director of the Criminal Law, Investigation, and Complex Litigation Department at Lamasso, brings extensive experience to the legal field. With a longstanding career in law, his adept leadership significantly contributes to navigating challenges in criminal law, investigations, and intricate legal cases

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